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Improve Business Decisions 

TFC Recycling

TFC Recycling Gains Visibility into their Data to Improve Business Decisions with AMCS Software

TFC Recycling is a family-owned business, based in Chesapeake, Virginia. Founded in 1971, the company has been collecting and processing recyclables for over 40 years and has grown to two main locations (Chesapeake and Chester) becoming the largest recycling company in VA, which processes about 200,000 tons of recyclable materials per year.

Challenge with Outdated Information 

“The challenge we faced was that our data and our information were housed in different, siloed systems,” explains Nicolas Larum, General Manager, Hauling Division at TFC. What we needed was a global view of the business, so we can make intelligent, timely business decisions.”

Integrated Data Solution

“I am the type of manager that relies heavily on solid information that is current that I can act on and act on fairly quickly, so that was a big part of our decision was to find a platform that would allow us to collection information and use it quickly,” explains Paul Stacharczyk, SVP/Chief Operating Officer. We were looking to upgrade our technology to something that would essentially bring us into the 21st Century.” When TFC leadership decided to upgrade and integrate the company’s aging and disparate software, they spoke with counterparts in the industry and investigated many different solutions, but as they got into the details of needs and solutions, it became clear that AMCS would be the right solution for them.

Improving Efficiency and Operations at TFC 

An AMCS implementation team came in to consult, guide and execute on the TFC setup and deploy their solution effectively. AMCS worked with TFC management in the various departments to learn how the company currently does business and took a very consultative approach to customizing and implementing the technology and make recommendations on how TFC could improve operations generally.

Key benefits of AMCS Platform for TFC Recycling:

  • Automation and scalability of internal processes
  • Access to real-time customer data
  • Migrate and consolidate all data into one system
  • Gain global visibility into their data to improve decision making
  • Improved overall level of customer service to their customers


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