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Mobile workforce in cabin

Paperless future

Enabling superior driver performance.

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Mobile workforce

reduces overheads and manual data input

Truck driver Reinis

More competitive

With extreme route efficiency, ease of use, less driver interaction and smooth back-office integration

Mobile Order Management

Following the acquisition GMT in 2015, the MOM/GMT Solution website was fully integrated into our AMCS Group website. iPad evolved to full fledged onboard computer


Ipads are nowadays an integral part of our lives and vehicles. Success may attributed to drivers welcoming it, complete functionality, better remote control, perfect management and the significantly lower operational cost. At this time over 500 vehicles are fitted with the IPad and Mobile Order Management.

More productivity with MOM

With the Mobile Order Management App drivers are offered their orders all lined-up, navigation brings them to their customers and the use of paper forms is banned. Besides the real time handling of orders and the possibility of signing for dispatch on the tablet the MOM App provides container registration, time registration of vehicle personnel and mileage all totally digital. This digitization leads to less errors and less work at the back-office. All this functionality is back-office independant and connects easily to other applications if so wanted!

Characteristics and functionality

  • Orders and routes directly updated in the vehicle
  • Navigation with real-time traffic information.
  • Registration of time, quantities, weights and containers.
  • Takes pictures of orders and containers.
  • Registration of deviation, extra orders en route and issues.
  • Real time connection between back-office and vehicle.
  • Records signatures on orders.
  • Time registration for vehicle personnel.
  • Daily vehicle inspection reports for safety.
  • Integration with RFID and weighbridge.
  • Contact with driver for added orders.
  • Summary productive/non productive hours, waiting time at
  • client, dispatch points. template routes.
  • Control centre; pinpointing the vehicles locations and current
  • assignments.
  • Geofencing; triggers events on arrival/leave or while
  • stationary at geo-locations.
  • PTO-Canbus connection, analysis vehicle data.
  • Device management.

Prevailing advantages for your business

  • Low investment (TCO) if compared with traditional
  • onboard computer, ROI <6 months
  • Application independent solution
  • Environmentally durable and paperless.
  • Reduction in errors and cut on administrative procedures
  • Better control on orders and their fulfillment
  • Content personnel, due to intuitive use.
  • User friendly, minimum of instruction.
  • Multilingual(NL, GB, FR, ES, PL, DE).


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