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30 Apr 2020

Mobile app provides in-process material grading

Integrated AMCS Recycling Software for metal recycling enables 360-degree overview

Weighing, grading and material trading

A fully digital process without one sheet of paper required. This is one of the major benefits for metal recyclers of mobile material grading, an integrated part of the AMCS Recycling Software, according to Christian Pollklesener, Head of Professional Services at AMCS. “Every part of the grading process is registered to prevent loss of information from the yard to the scale. This reduces the risk of making mistakes and with that any possible deception.” He mentions these and other benefits of the end-to-end IT-system in a webinar specially recorded for metal recyclers. Additionally, he also demonstrates the mobile grading app; from starting a run in the centralised system all the way through using the mobile app on the yard and automatically linking the information of the graded commodity to the corresponding order.


Graded material available in system, including all the corresponding photo’s

Runs for incoming commodities are created in the centralised system after which they are automatically available in the mobile app, Christian Pollklesener explains in the webinar. “This includes all relevant information, like the ticket number, incoming weight, time and pictures of the licence plate of the truck. The latter is important”, he emphasizes. “Especially since there can be more than one truck on the yard at the same time. The system – as we say – follows that specific incoming truck; from the weighbridge, unloading on the yard, grading the commodities with the mobile app, weighing on one of the scales on the yard all the way through weighing the unloaded truck on the weighbridge again.”

The mobile app also provides additional features, says Pollklesener. “Examples are taking pictures of unloading the truck or a close up of the graded material. Also, the load can be split, including a percentage of the split and the picture. Furthermore, the mobile grading app can register any contamination of the load. If it is, for instance, trash, dirt or other price and quality adjustments, what the percentage is of the load and a picture of that particular contamination. Graded material is immediately available in the central system, including all the corresponding photo’s, being linked to the right transaction.”

If a load is split the system also automatically splits up the weight for the two different items, including the trash contamination, he continues explaining. “Directly after that, the system links the price to the different graded materials. The system also provides the possibility to send a message to the customer or trader that, for instance, the material was delivered after which all the according information is available in the system. They have access to the system and before invoicing can have a look first before a quality check and adjust truck, date, or the load if the quality is not as expected.”

Preventing discussions about the quality and disagreement about invoices

Due to the real-time data exchange with the centralised system work in progress on the yard can constantly be monitored for the overall material grading process, including the commodity split and adjustments made during the process. Through this overall view at any time and any moment is known what the status of the transaction is, including pictures taken per split or adjustment. With this, the integrated recycling software provides the traceability of the commodity flow”, he mentions as one of the other significant benefits metal recyclers profit from. “Information about a run is complete available; what commodity was delivered, what was the quality after material grading, are their adjustments made and why was there done a split.”

Additionally, because all incoming loads are traced on the yard and the information is accordingly registered the end-to-end solution also provides automated stock management, according to him. “Stock and inventory management in a scrap recycling company is one of the most demanding. This is due to the fact that products are not clearly defined. Companies in this industry buy sorted, separated, or processed and re-classified commodities. Inventory is not only built through purchases but through transfers based on various production and sorting processes.”

At the end of the webinar he mentions other benefits of the integrated mobile material grading. “Because necessary adjustments can be made during the material grading process it prevents discussions about the quality of the material and with that possible disagreement about the invoice.”

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