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04 Mar 2020

AMCS launches Driver Assisted Terminal for unmanned weighing

24/7 weighbridge operations to accelerate customers’ top-line growth

Weighing, grading and material trading Press Release

AMCS Platform customers: AMCS has launched its Driver Assisted Terminal (DAT), a stand-alone terminal combining weatherproof hardware with integrated software supporting both inbound and outbound unmanned weighbridge transactions. AMCS DAT empowers 24/7 assistance-free weighbridge operations increasing asset utilisation, reducing operating costs and improving the service to customers by facilitating self-service weighing at any time and any location.

The launch of AMCS Platform's DAT immediately follows the release of AMCS Platform 8.2 in February, the first of three releases this year and amongst other things revolve around smart user experience, enhanced recycling capabilities and improved customer management. With the Driver Assisted Terminal AMCS is confirming its role as market leaders delivering a product strategy focused on driving revenue growth, margin expansion, operational efficiency and sustainability on behalf of the customers.

Unmanned weighing in seven seconds

Waiting in line first and then, in some cases, getting out of the vehicle with the necessary documents for the load to be weighed while afterwards collecting the ticket. Weighing takes both time and extra work, especially with multiple systems and paper process in place. It can be a much more efficient process when drivers are supported with assistant-free weighing through the AMCS Driver Assisted Terminal.  The AMCS DAT is enabling drivers to weigh their cargo themselves in just seven seconds, without finding the necessary paperwork and being restricted to defined opening hours.  

Real-time data exchange with weighbridge

The system authenticates each driver through an RFID card automatically identifying the job the driver is assigned to, it captures the weight against the job and prints a ticket at the time of weighing in and out as proof of service. The AMCS DAT is running on the Android operating system, providing the driver with a smart, intuitive user experience that includes a colour touch screen display that guides the driver through step-by-step and simplified on-screen prompts. Real-time data with the weighbridge is exchanged to the centralised ERP system providing organisation-wide consolidated information for customisable reports and immediate billing.

Complete hardware and software solution for weighbridge operations

“AMCS DAT provides the waste and recycling industry with a complete hardware and software solution for weighbridge operations”, says Hans Buskens, Head of Product Marketing at AMCS. "The AMCS DAT is developed to meet the unique requirements of the waste and recycling industry improving weighing processes due to its simplicity, usability and seamless integration and acquisition of weight data. AMCS DAT is enabling a 24/7 operation and at the same time reducing the associated challenges accelerating the waste and recycling companies top-line growth.”


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