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Sales and Marketing

Product Marketing Specialist

Product Marketing Specialist

Why join our team?

AMCS is the leading global technology company providing innovative solutions to the environmental services and related industries through the AMCS Platform. Established in Limerick, Ireland in 2003, the company continues to grow operations globally and today employs 550+ people across 11 countries. AMCS delivers enterprise cloud-based software solutions worldwide supporting 2,650+ customers in 22 countries.

We currently have a requirement for an experienced Product Marketing Specialist to join our global marketing team.

Key Responsibilities

1.      Produce and/or coordinate production of product marketing content (thought leadership pieces, white papers, blogs) on a constant basis across all solutions and markets that AMCS targets.

2.      Produce product marketing collateral like product data sheets, ROI calculators, etc.

3.      Setup, support and/or execute product specific marketing plays across all territories, working with the territory marketing team.

4.      Maintain / keep up-to-date the product pages on the Corporate, Wastedge and Routing website and drive # visitors and conversions by creating appealing content

5.      Work with Pre-sales and product organisation to produce internal Pre-Sales material around the AMCS Value Framework, and provide product marketing training to the Pre-Sales team

6.      Organise and execute product specific marketing events (webinars, on site, etc.)

7.      Gather, store and manage competitive information in the various markets

8.      Create Conversion specific content; How we do it and how we do it better message (for each market). The “Why AMCS Platform message vs the competitor in [market]”

9.      Develop sales tools, provide premium training and market expertise to ensure the Sales team’s ability to effectively position and sell products.

10.  Execute market research, and document findings.

11.  Work with the different product managers to understand (the business value of) the Platform capabilities and keep product knowledge up-to-date in general.



Writing Skills: Great products can’t stand on their own; they need product marketers with writing chops to be able to synthesize the benefits they offer and communicate those benefits effectively to the customer. Product sales rely heavily on effective messaging.

Presentation Skills: As a product marketing manager, you’ll spend a lot of time explaining your marketing strategies to other people in the organization, including your marketing colleagues and the C-suite. The ability to be persuasive will prove beneficial in organizing a coalition to support your position and ideas.

Marketing Skills: It may seem obvious, but well-honed marketing skills are necessary for product marketers. This is not an entry-level job, and you should have acquired experience across many different roles before applying for a product marketing position. Necessary marketing skills include knowledge and experience in demand generation, social media, digital marketing, storytelling, influencer marketing and project management, among others.


Understanding of Application Business Basics: Understanding the product essentials and business basics is a necessary skill for anyone in a this position. Because product marketers will be working with product managers and executives to launch products (which drive revenue), they must have a clear understanding of the key product capabilities, but also understand things like revenue projections, business metrics and financial planning. This is one of the reasons product marketers differentiate themselves from other positions on the marketing team

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